1. Born King

From the recording Born King

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Breathe leave it life whoop your ass best believe it got a switch up your attitude and demeanor I’m a mixture of both of the little freemans like Regina I’m a be the greatest king welcome to my kingdom Mansa Musa let me paint the leaves on this fucking family tree I was told I was useless and they called me a nuisance that called me god but the devil gave two shits , didn’t even give us two cents and they wonder why we Looting and they wonder why we shooting boxed in a cage That’ll make a nigga lose it , over prescribe know you got the folks abusing , that shit is different on the other side they treat them different on the other side

Verse 2:
Chin Held high when I ride cruising in the ship princess by my side skin flawless I ain’t even capping boy she was gorgeous may I take a dive in your river Jordan let’s go to Florence im the black knight them niggas boring I met you in a different time I feel like Martin Lawrence my point is all the propaganda and the lies we’re taking in from our eyes made us feel we’re not important .

Verse 3:
with the stick we got the short end lost who we were so forgot where we goin when you hit the river keep going , flashbacks to my past life rolling , in the back of my mind seen it 1 million times ask god where to find him , says seek and you shall find seen walking outside I was just peeking through the blinds but you know we scared too change say I catch him another time

Proving my claims this is my reign the house on fire I smell the flames all they ever gave us with chains and migraines switched up my name I swear they tried to bury me up to the north when I try to carry me but the temple incomplete so I’m right back on my feet I’ll forever remain king
Verse 4
I’m a be the King until the earth stops ima be the king until the king drops I will be the king until the earth shakes I’m a be the king after these earthquakes I’m a be the king until the king drops until my knees lock and until my heart stops , I’m a be the king it is in my genes half man half God you can call me Hercules please I don’t really want to hear Mr. breeze just say your ass tweaking you can blame the CTE cause if your teammate beat yo ass Likr he was in the UFC maybe then you would see how it is to be black as me be black as me you don’t want to be black as me all that other shit generic straight up out a factory is that black cookout smell like Hennessey and some trees macaroni and cheese chicken and baked beans fence that just lean they do us so dirty than blame us for everything but I’m a take the lead black owned shit mothership the LLC blowing up like discovery superwoman discovered me let truth wash your mouth take a sip of this listerine