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Meet AKBAR, a gifted, prolific lyricist and songwriter influenced by J.Cole, Kendrick Lamar and the legendary God MC “Rakim.” The 25 year-old is a former college student hailing from Columbus, Ohio with a conscious rap style and lyrical maturity far beyond his years. Signed by R&B Icon Karyn White to her label Supernova Unlimited.  AKBAR’s sound is underpinned with knowledge of self-love and black empowerment. This year, AKBAR’s set to blow, starting with his debut single ‘YRBG’ (an acronym for ‘Young Righteous Black Girl’) as well as his second single  " Everlasting Thought ( Gotta Keep Movin) " an anthem for the culture that gives insight to the mind of young black men in  the inner cities. Streaming on all platforms.

AKBAR Is Bringing Knowlege and Science back to Hip Hop” - KARYN WHITE

ALR8 ( Alright) ft Karyn White


Tap-In- Ya'll ... The Dope Summer FEEL GOOD BANGER is HERE, Let's GET- IT!!!! ALR8 (Alright) by Akbar feat. Karyn White signed to Karyn's label Supernova Unlimited Akbar' s Mixtape "The Antidote"
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